Simplified CPAN mirroring

We suck at marketing

Perl onion

But we're proud of

Cpan mirrors map

544 CPAN official mirrors worldwide

How to create an official CPAN mirror ?

  • rsync

    Seriously ? In 2013 ? Isn't there more recent things ?

  • rrr-client

    Did you succeed to make it work ? Me neither.

  • iim

    Yeah, that's it !

All details: http://www.cpan.org/misc/how-to-mirror.html


Created by Henk Penning

Henk Penning

Because he wasn't happy with rrr-client.

Why use it ?

  • simple
  • customisable
  • reliable


Scoreboard screenshot 1

It comes with a scoreboard with informations on your mirror

Scoreboard screenshot 2

And you can customize it !